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Mountain Flying Training

From mid 2011 the PPL and CPL sylabii will require trainees to undergo Terrain and Weather awareness (PPL, 5 hours) and Mountain Flying Training (CPL, 10 hours) We are currently offering ground and flight training to those interested in upskilling prior to the compulsory requirement, which may also become a requirement for new BFRs from a similar date.

Bill completed mountain flying training as part of his PPL training with the Canterburry Aero Club in the late 70’s, and in recent years had added to this knowledge by regularly flying the Boeing 737 to Queenstown. Bill recently gained the qualification to train Mountain Flying to PPL level. The progression is to complete the required hours to gain the CPL level training approval by June this year.

During our South Island trip for Warbirds over Wanaka 2010, Bill and Neroli practised the Mountain flying skills required as much as possible, and Bill also flew with Peter Hendricks of Wanaka Flight Training to gain extra knowledge and skills. Peter runs a very professional training school, catering for microlight and GA training, mountain flying training, a scenic flight operation using a pristine Tiger Moth, and aerobatic joyrides. Highly recommended for any of the above.

We have an area east of Lake Waikare in the North Waikato to give students the basic skills necessary for flying over mountainous terrain, which pilots are encouraged to expand upon by travelling to the South Island, and flying with experts such as Peter.

Contact us for further details, or click here for the sylabus.

‘A’ Category instructors John Gemmell and Peter Hendricks on the way to the Matukituki Valley near Wanaka

The target area for our mountain flying training, the Matukituki Valley and Mount Aspiring

‘Dead end valley’ demonstration, just to prove that it was!

The western side of Mount Aspiring. It’s hard for a photo to demonstrate the shear scale. Taken at an altitude of 5000’ with nearly 5000’ above us!

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