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In this section we will post photos of places we have taken of our Cub, and welcome any contributions of photos of other similar aircraft.

BQV waiting in the fog at Waipukurau, 21/3/16, its first visit to its original owners since rebuild.

BQV and JFH at Thames after a flight from Johns strip near Pirongia 9/3/16

24/1/16 Bill and Neroli at JWs place, Horotiu, prior to a GMC flyout to Gibsons Beach, Raglan. We didn’t land on the beach with only 2 hours on the new engine.

20/1/16, BQV taxiis out for Test Flight after Rebuild, engine overhaul, refabric, various other repairs and minor enhancements.

Links to other photos and magazine articles (newest 1st)

Sport Flying Magazine article on Type Ratings, Spring 2014.

End of an Era, Aviation News article Jan 2014, Dereck Williams retirement from topdressing.

Walsh Scout Camp 2013, Matamata, Aviation News article

Carbon Cub test flying, article for Aviation News

Black Sands flyin 2011, article for Aviation News

Aviation News Article, October 2012, The Flying Doctor, by Neroli. (To be uploaded)

Aviation News Article, September 2012, The Cub Inspiration, by Neroli.

Aviation News Article, August 2012, Group Ownership, by Neroli

Photos taken by Noel Bailey at Te Kowhai Fly-in 25/10/11

Ladies Love Taildraggers video

GMC Pukeatua Fly out photos and article

Movie of BQV at TE

GMC Aria trip photos and article

NAAG Great Barrier Photos

Te Kowhai Fly-in Article by Mike Feeney

Hastings Taildragger Fly in, 11/9/10

Central Hawkes Bay Aero Club 75th Anniversary, 26/27 Feb 2010 Movie

1/3/15, a sorry looking BQV after an engine failure at 200’ in the Hamilton Western Low Flying Area. No fault was found with the engine.

Neroli and BQV getting into the spirit of Christmas at the Gordonton Microlight Club Xmas flyin on 6/12/14.     (Decorations removed before flight!)

Bill trying on Bryan McAnulty’s VW powered Taylor Monoplane for size. (Just fits!)

Hi powered discussions ensueing on Gibsons Beach during Black Sands 2014.

Keith Buckner flying BQV while on holiday from England.

Paul Corrin, previous syndicate member that owned BQV in the late 90’s, reacquaints himself with an old friend with Bill on 19/3/16 at Gisborne.

Judy Birchler (www.ladieslovetaildraggers.com) after a flight with Bill in BQV 27/1/16.

Martin Henton  trying the Cub for size during a GMC flyabout 10/1/15. (While the ladies are away the boys will play!)

Bill Izard Cubbing again with Bill on 14/7/14, away from the type for a number of years.

Lovely painting of BQV by Charles Lyle of Kerikeri. Charles does special commissions, so we can give you his contacts if you want your aircraft (or other favourite machine) painted.

Another lady taildragger pilot in the making? Rebbecca about to go for a flight around the wind farm during the Black Sands fly in at Raglan November 2014

Jack’s first ride in the Cub to Raglan and back to Krippners 30/5/14. Enjoyed it so much he went to sleep on the way back.

Cody about to flare at Raglan during the Black Sands flyin November 2014 (Colin Hunter photo)

“I want one like this”. Neroli during a ‘rumble on the rocks’ session with Bruce Coulter, Hastings. 9/3/14

Steve Wynne and Glynn Robinson after a gruelling week taildragging at Kerikeri, November 2014.

Waihi for lunch 2/5/14, pleasant day, pleasant flying, and pleasant company.

Bill and Neroli on Tasman Glacier, 12/2/14, courtesey of Mt Cook Ski Planes. A must do, ski plane rating next!!

Pilots and owners of the Tauranga Stearmans when Bill was getting his rating, Christmas 2013.  One of the best Christmas presents ever :-)

3 friends pause at Opotiki for lunch, while returning from the SAA flyin at Hastings, 9/3/14

Stuart O’Neill, on holiday in NZ, after some circuits and mountain flying revision in BQV 30/3/14

Group of happy well fed GMC pilots after a visit to the Mussell Kitchen, 100 yards from Coromandel airstrip, 29/3/14

Crowded parking scene at Coromandel Airstrip, GMC trip 29/3/14

Neroli and Kelly Rankin about to launch on the bombing and landing competition at the Tiger Club fly-in at Taumarunui on 26/10/13

Historic photo of BQV at Queenstown about 1994 when owned by a syndicate at Gisbourne.

Cody Calder & Nathan Manktelow about to launch on the bombing and landing competition at the Tiger Club fly-in at Taumarunui on 26th October 2013

Bills brother Graham after a successful mission to the wind farm and Bridal Veil Falls 3/8/13

Olivia and Rosy after a long distance flight (!), Krippners to Port Waikato to Raglan to Krippners. 31st July 2013

Murray Foster, CFI Dargaville Aero Club, trial flight in UAS during Singer Trophy fly-in, 8/3/13

Cody Flying the Chipmunk for us near home base, Te Kowhai, with the TeUku windfarm in the background. 21/4/12

Trying the Chipmunk for size on the bridge at Mercer. Tons of room!

Our Chipmunk sharing the Whenuapai tarmac, 19/5/12 under the command of Dion.

Neroli and Olivia after Nerolis first training flight in the Chipmunk. Olivia has to wait until finishing training in the Cub.

1400 hour PPL Tony Kaplan about to experience the joys of Chipmunking at Te Kowhai. 1/4/12

Neroli on the way home from Great Barrier on our NAAG trip. Click here for more photos

“New Cub safety feature” (or guaranteed way to win spot landing competitions!) BQV and microlight balloon at TE for our fly-in, 25-10-10

Larry Olsen after his first type rating flight in the Chipmunk. First taildragger flight for some years.

Malcolm and Christine Savill about to embark on a scenic flight around Raglan from Te Kowhai 17/7/11

Chipmunk 27 on a touch and go at Te Kowhai, March 2012.

BQV during round-out on arrival on the Aria strip. Click here for more photos.

Line up of some of the 7 Cubs and one Pacer at Hastings Taildragger Fly in, 11/9/10. Click here for more photos

Spotted by Daniel and Michael at an airshow in England. How many disabled cub pilots are there?

1st trip on engine running in, Whakatane 30/7/10

One of our toys while we are “cubless”, Bill & Cody try the Bantam microlight for size.

1st engine runs after engine overhaul and fabric work, 29/7/10. Looks and flies good!

The fabric team (above) Bill & Neroli rib stitching the right aileron fabric, (left) Neroli, Malcolm & Max, (right) Bill, Neroli and Malcolm, heat shrinking the right aileron, nearly finished! 24/7/10

Day 1 of Engine Overhaul. 2/7/10

Mount Ruapehu trip, July 2010, final flight before engine overhaul, 10,500 ft! click here for more

1st day in new Te Kowhai Home, 9/2/10

Mt Ruapehu crater lake, with Mt Egmont in the background, from 9,100 feet, the highest we have been in BQV. The last 200 feet took 3 minutes, with help from some updraughting air. Whew!

BQV at Warbirds over Wanaka. Check out photos of the airshow and our trip down and back in only 28 hours!

Arrival at our new base, Te Kowhai, 7/2/10. Thanks for the safe delivery, Michael.

BQV at Ardmore, New Zealand, 4 March 2008.

Neroli and BQV at Patumahoe.

At Edwards Strip, Puni. 400metres, one way.

At Black Sands flyin, Gibsons Beach, Near Raglan October 2007.

Wash up after Black Sands flyin, 1.5 hours flying for the day, 2.5 hours to clean sand and salt off. A good days work!

Battle of Brittain flypast with Miles Messenger, Auckland, 21/9/08. Photo Les Wilson

Battle of Britain flypast, over Skytower, 21/9/08. Photo Les Wilson

Shown below is a landing and takeoff series on Costello’s Strip, Hunua’s, South of Ardmore, New Zealand.

Air to air over Hauraki Gulf, east of Ardmore

Neroli and BQV at 500’ along Awhitu Coast, near Waiuku.

At Glenbrook airfield prior to Waiuku Flying 50 formation flight 24/11/07

Battle of Britain Flypast, over Rangitoto Island, Auckland, 21/9/08 Photo Les Wilson

Battle of Brittain flypast with Miles Messenger, Auckland, 21/9/08. Photo Les Wilson

This series of photos was taken by my friend Darryn at Pukekohe East, south of Auckland, on 3/12/09.

Neroli and Bill on final approach at Ardmore after the Battle of Britain Flypast, September 2009.

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