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TeKowhai Fly-in 2010

There will be an informal fly-in, get together, and opportunity have a look around the airfield, on Monday 25th October 2010. There will be a spot landing competition for aircraft landing between 10 and 12, with a BBQ lunch to follow for a nominal charge of $10. Spot prizes from local aviation establishments will also be awarded.

The prize for the spot landing competition will be awarded to the aircraft that touches down closest to the spot, which will be a marked area on the runway in use. There will only be one attempt allowed per pilot per aircraft. Please advise when joining overhead if you wish to enter, with aircraft registration. If there are two pilots wishing to enter, advise us on the ground before taxing for a second circuit. Heavy landings or ‘stuka attacks’ on the spot will be disqualified. Remember, this is just for fun!

This is a good chance for a low key catch up with friends, and there will be advice available on local features to visit on the way to or from.

Click here for the NZTE aerodrome chart, note BP fuel via swipecard is available on the field.

Contact us if you have any other questions.

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