We have established a web based booking system, using GOBOKO. Once we have your details we will enable your access. See further instructions below.


If you wish to change or cancel a booking, before the day, just go ahead and make the change in the calendar. On the day please text or phone Bill (021 065 4538) or Neroli (021 063 7159) to advise of the change. If your change is due to weather, please don’t just assume that no-one else will be flying. We may have a student awaiting a suitable crosswind, or reduced visibility for mountain flying training or low flying, for example. Cancellations also may provide us with an opportunity for minor maintenance jobs or cleaning, if there are no students available to replace a booking at short notice.


At the end of your flight please text Neroli with your tacho hours, to let us know that you are back safely and that the aircraft is available for the next pilot.