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aviation lore

      Ten Commandments for Safe Flying    

 (Courtesy William T Piper from Private Flying: Today and Tomorrow, 1949)

1. Thou Shalt not become airbourne without checking thy fuel supply

2. Thou Shalt not taxi with carelessness.

3. Thou Shalt ever take heed unto Air Traffic Rules.

4. Thou Shalt not make flat turns.

5. Thou Shalt maintain thy speed lest the earth arise and smite thee.

6. Thou Shalt not let thy confidence exceed thy ability.

7. Thou Shalt make use of thy carburetor heater.

8. Thou Shalt not perform aerobatics at low altitudes.

9. Thou Shalt not allow indecision in thy judgment.

10. Thou Shalt know always - the good pilot is the safe pilot.

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