PIPER CUB publications

This section contains historical Piper Cub information, and is included for entertainment, not necessarily education! We welcome any other suggestions to add to the list.

  • Those Legendary Piper Cubs, their role in war and peace, by Carroll V. Glines. Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 2005

  • The Piper Cub Story, by James M. Triggs. TAB Books, 1963, Reprinted July 1978.

  • Piper Cubs, Peter M. Bowers. TAB Books 1993.

  • Alaska’s Bushplanes, Ned Rozell. Alaska Northwest Books 2003.

  • CloudDancer’s Alaskan Chronicles Vol I, II and III, CloudDancer.iUniverse Inc 2007 - 2010.

  • Flying Low, Joseph Furbee Gordon. Southfarm Press, 2001.

  • SuperCub Info Airliners.net

  • SuperCub Info Wikipedia