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BTC at Haast for the 2021 AOPA Winter Fly-in


Bill Taxi's BTC to the hangar at Te Kowhai for the first time


BTC on her first flight in 53 years after a major rebuild.


BTC gets airborne for the first time in 53 years

Flying over Mt Ruapehu's crater lake

BQV tempts John Hansen's "Hansen Deuce" out to play

BQV ready to roll on John Wilson's Horotiu strip.

Flight over the volcanoes on the Central Plateau

BQV heading north from Raglan

Our home base - Te Kowhai Airfield (NZTE). Located 12nm North of Hamilton Airport.

How to build a Piper Cub - Round 2 (but a 150hp model this time...!)

BQV flies in formation with Malcolm Savill's replica Piper Cub and Marty Cantlon's Boeing Stearman

Bill on Gibson's Beach just north of Raglan

Neroli lands a Cub with all the mods on a Hawke's Bay riverbed

A classic weather forecast in the Henwood household... "it's a Cub day". Translated from SKC, nil sig wx, wind variable 2kts.

Neroli heads to Raglan for a fish and chip dinner

Looking west towards Mt Karioi

Exploring the backyard on a calm evening

Neroli celebrates 500 hours!

This is a good view!

Tracking north around Mt Karioi

Bomb drop at the 2016 Taumaranui Tiger Moth Rally

Cody Calder taking part in the competitions at the 2016 Taumaranui Tiger Moth Rally

Pete McCombe gained his Cub rating at the 2016 Tiger Moth Club Rally at Taumaranui

Another beaut view of the Raglan harbour entrance

BQV parked up in Gisborne

Jeanette Lei competes for the Cub Cup at the 2016 Tiger Club Rally at Taumaranui

Father and daughter wearing Cub Grins

Robbie Innes enjoys the Cub so much he's building his own!

Olivia Henwood on finals at Taumaranui at the 2016 Tiger Moth Club Rally

Scott Montagu after completing a PA-18 rating in BQV. He subsequently attained a glider tow rating.

Neroli and Olivia get a turn flying this classic Beech-18 twin in Vancouver, Canada

Bill and Neroli on the glacier beneath Mt Cook - a bucket list item for any taildragger enthusiast!

Sam Monrad completes his PA-18 type rating.

Paul Corrin in the front seat, reacquainted with BQV after owning her in Gisborne in the 1990's.

Paul Corrin and Bill swap toys!

BQV rolls out for the first time after a total rebuild. First flight 20 January 2016.

BQV flies alongside a fellow Bantam friend

Olivia gains her 100th hour total time. All but 4 hours in BQV

Neroli gains her PPL for the second time after a 24 year break!

A Cub doing what a Cub was made to do! Phil Barakat lands at Chris Bayley's Maungatautari farm strip

BQV on a beautiful Spring day at Raglan

Neroli and Bill flying BQV near Tauranga

Olivia gains her PPL in BQV

Jack's first flight in the Cub - a trip to Raglan to play on the beach!

A line-up of Cubs at the Bridge Pa Taildragger Fly-in

Bill and Neroli proudly flying BQV fresh from a total rebuild

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