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18 May 2017 - Classic Cubs turns 10!

This month marks 10 years that Classic Cubs has been in operation. The company was born when Bill and Neroli Henwood fell in love with ZK-BQV in May 2007. Owning a Piper Supercub was a dream for Bill, an avid taildragger fan who quickly converted Neroli to be a skilled tailwheel pilot too! Although the “number one” priority was to own and fly her for their own enjoyment, Bill has been doing a bit of training on the side too 😉 They’ve clocked up 2500 hours in those 10 years, including 14 PPL’s, 2 CPL's and 77 Cub/Taildragger ratings!

In January 2016 they completed a total rebuild and BQV was beautifully restored and returned to her original 1957 scheme.


Many happy cubbers can thank Bill and Neroli for their passion for these vintage aircraft, and their willingness to share the skill with anyone who’s keen! It has been a fun journey. Congratulations to everyone for their achievements, and here’s to many more adventures!

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